Cruelty free and sustainable fall outfits

Cruelty free and sustainable fall outfits

Webinar and guide "Cruelty free and sustainable fall outfits"

Wwe will discuss the topics:

- What is an ethical wardrobe

- What is an eco-friendly wardrobe

- How to find ethical shoes and warm clothes

- How to identify quality items

- From unethical materials to ethical better alternatives

- How to make the right capsule for work, for a walk, etc.

- Selections of brands and things (sweaters, coats, shoes, accessories, etc.) with links to specific items in different price categories

- Anti-trends and tips on how to choose the right thing that you definitely won't dislike

You will learn how to disassemble the wardrobe on your own, identify things that do not suit you and create stylish looks.

Also for the webinar, you will receive a guide with useful tips that are easily applied in practice, and links to collections of brands and things in different categories and price segments.

After payment, you will receive a link to the telegram channel, in which we posted all the information.