List type: Black list
Official position about tests: artdeco explicitly declines animal testing. since its foundation artdeco has neither carried out nor commissioned any animal tests. animal testing for decorative cosmetic products has been prohibited under the german animal welfare act since 1986. tests on animals for all cosmetic finished products have been banned since 1998. a corresponding ban has been in place since march 2011 for cosmetic raw materials as well, which artdeco expressly welcomes! pursuant to this legislation, raw materials developed for use in cosmetics may no longer be tested for compatibility on animals. artdeco specifically requests confirmation of its suppliers that no animal tests were carried out. the skin compatibility of artdeco products is tested by volunteers in a renowned dermatological clinic. therefore artdeco products can officially be declared as ‘clinically tested’. the application or patch tests (epicutaneous tests) are carried out by voluntary test persons to determine the local tolerance of the products. artdeco is against animal testing.
Black List PETA: Yes.
Natural: No.
Import in Russia: Yes.
Sell in China: Yes.
Shops: wildberries
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