Finally, I moved to a new site! Its launch was postponed many times, because it was incredibly difficult to transfer my work in Excel to the database format (and the table kept filling up and filling up, because of which I had to make more and more changes), but I couldn’t postpone anymore, the launch was ! :)

Who else doesn’t know me - I’m a blogger @marpeta_rus, I’ve been writing for more than 4 years about an ethical and informed lifestyle and at different levels I have been fighting to cancel testing of cosmetics and household chemicals on animals in our country (this has long been banned in the civilized world).

This project is the result of my daily work. I manually checked each brand according to several dozen criteria, personally contacted many, requested supporting documents, etc. At the moment, there is no larger brand base in the world than here.

I would be glad if you thank me for my work.

Thank you so much for your support, without you there would have been nothing of this!