Тип списка: Черный список
Материнская компания: UNILEVER
Материнская компания тестирует в России косметику, бытовую химию, медицинскую продукцию: Да. cif, domestos
Официальная позиция о тестах: еще отсюда animal testing is a contentious issue, and there are strong and diverse opinions on the need for animal testing to underpin the development of the new consumer products, particularly cosmetics. unilever is required to provide animal data to comply with the safety regulations in place in different countries across the world. where we are legally obliged to commission animal studies, we ensure that the minimum numbers of animal are used. unilever is committed to the elimination of animal testing for its business, and is at the forefront of research into non-animal approaches for assessing consumer safety. currently, a very small amount of animal testing is still necessary to deliver innovative products that provide consumer benefits and are market competitive. at unilever, using non-animal approaches is the norm. most of our products reach consumers without testing any of their ingredients on animals. we do not test our actual products on animals (any testing is undertaken on individual ingredients), and we do not undertake animal testing in our own laboratories (any studies are conducted by third party laboratories). a few countries still undertake product testing in their goverment laboratories. we are working with the local authorities to ensure the implementation of non-animal methods
Натуральность: Нет.
ПЖП: V молочный протеин (гель для душа анархия)
Присылали протоколы: Да. лично показали протоколы испытаний не некоторые продукты
Завозят в Россию: Да.
Продается в Китае: Да. ?
Где купить: wildberries
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